LAHORE - The Government College University (GCU)s Psychology Department on Wednesday organised the All Pakistan Poster Exhibition 2010 in connection with the Mental Health Week to highlight terrorism, violence, child abuse and drug addiction and their effects on mental health. As many as 200 posters inscribed with messages 'Crossing Eternal Peace, 'Stop Destruction, 'Still We Have the Chance, 'Misspelled Morality were put on display at GCU Dr Abdus Salam Hall. The newspapers clippings were used in a large number of posters to highlight the misery of people due to terrorism. Speaking on the occasion, GCU Vice-Chancellor Dr Khalid Aftab, the chief guest of the event, said that the competition was aimed at mobilising the students to find ways to help the nation against terrorism and violence. He said that the students could play important role in enabling Pakistan to face the challenges the country was struggling with. He appreciated the artwork of the students, saying that the artistic expression was the best way to create awareness among the people. Talking to media about their posters, Allama Iqbal College for Women Sailkot students said that they had used photographs published in newspapers to highlight Unemployment, Poverty, Injustice, Illiteracy, Religious Prejudice and United States aggression against Muslims as the major causes of terrorism in Pakistan. A student of Punjab University presented a thesis in a poster that terrorists kidnap children and train them as suicide bombers through brain-washing and economic, religious blackmailing. The students of Home Economics College for Women, Lahore said that they had designed their posters to show how child abuse and terrorism were inflicting emotional and physical damage upon our society. The students from University of Education worked on the menace of family violence on women in our society. The students of Punjab University Centre for Clinical Psychology secured the top position at the competition. The student of the GC University Psychology Department also put on display poster related the fields of Forensic Psychology, but they as hosts did not compete for the prizes.