GENEVA (AFP/Reuters) A Swiss prosecutor said Wednesday that it would be impossible to reopen a money laundering case in Switzerland against Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari since he benefits from immunity as a head of state. If ... Pakistan does not lift immunity for Zardari, I dont see how we can do this, Daniel Zappelli, the public prosecutor of the Swiss canton of Geneva, told AFP. It they fail to lift immunity, it is impossible to proceed, added Zappelli, who decided to close the case in Switzerland against Zardari and his late wife, former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, in August 2008. Both Zappelli and a spokesman of the Swiss Federal Office for Justice, Folco Galli, said they have yet to receive any request from Pakistans anti-corruption watchdog for the case to be reopened. Zappelli also noted that none of the witnesses heard in the Swiss case have confirmed the existence of an act of corruption, which would have been necessary to back up a money laundering prosecution. I have not received any request, Zappelli said, commenting on news from Islamabad that NAB has asked the Swiss to revive the case. He further said that Pakistans Embassy in Switzerland had officially notified him in June 2008 of a decision by Pakistans prosecutor-general in April of that year to withdraw proceedings against Zardari. He said that Pakistans prosecutor-general had decided that the contracts at the heart of the kickbacks case had been awarded in good faith. In Pakistan, they decided that no crime had been committed, he said. Zappelli also noted that Zardari and Benazir Bhutto had been sentenced by the High Court in Lahore in 1999, but in 2001 Pakistans Supreme Court had cancelled this verdict and sent it back to Lahore for a new decision. However, there had not been a new trial in the nine years since then. A trial for money-laundering in Switzerland would have to be based on the proceeds of criminal activity, but that would require proof that a crime had been committed, he said. In any case under international law Zardari enjoyed immunity from prosecution as a head of state - unless that state itself lifts the immunity. Immunity is the key question, Zappelli said. We cant prosecute Zardari while he has immunity unless Pakistan lifts that immunity. And if he doesnt have immunity, why dont they try him in Pakistan?