LAHORE - India Wednesday assured Pakistan that New Delhi would not use a single drop of water from Islamabads share of waters. Before leaving for India, the Indian Indus Water Commissioner G Auranga Nathan told reporters here at Allama Iqbal International Airport that India would not use a single drop from Pakistans share of water. He also said that Nimo Bazgo and Chutak hydropower projects of India on Indus River would not stop water flow. He said Indian projects would just recycle the water for energy and throw it back into the river. In this way India will not steal share of Pakistans water, he reiterated. The Indus Water Commissioner of India further said that the both sides discussed several issues during the three-day parleys here in Lahore and consensus was found on some issues while a number of others were left. We will discuss the remaining issues in next round of talks, he added. Meanwhile, Jamaat Shah Pakistan's Indus Water Commissioner saw off the 9-member Indian team at the airport.