ISLAMABAD - Despite having a title of the Capital Police its bosses seems helpless before the Interior Ministry in running police business, as some officials of the Ministry are allegedly poking their noses in the police matters only to serve their personal vested interests, sources said. Such a practice has surfaced a couple of months ago when the Inspector General of Police, Islamabad transferred Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Shahzad Town, Muhammad Ishaq Warraich over his alleged misconduct. On this, DSP Ahmed Iqbal was posted as DSP Shahzad Town. Ironically, within two days, Ishaq Warraich managed to get his position back at the behest of some officials of the Interior Ministry. Upon this, the high-ups of Islamabad police had to reverse their decision. Later, Ishaq Warraich, once again, was transferred from his post and this time he was posted as the CPO. It was learnt that since the day of the posting of said DSP some officials of the Interior Ministry have been pressurising the high-ups of Islamabad police to appoint Ishaq Warraich, once again, as DSP Shahzad Town. Some senior officials of Islamabad police, who were interviewed by TheNation, expressed their deep concerns over the Interior Ministrys unnecessary interference in police matter and termed it as harmful for Islamabad police performance. They raised some serious concerns about the some officials of the Interior Ministry, who reportedly were trying to save the skin of aforementioned DSP. It is relevant to note here that an adjournment motion no 25(57) was also moved against the alleged illegal misconduct of said DSP in 57th session of the National Assembly. Reliable sources said that there are a number of alleged corruption charges against the said DSP including his role of 'mediator between an accused and complainants. According to reliable sources that in another case one Sub-inspector Muhammad Akbar arrested one nominated accused identified as Qari Muhammad Hakeem while his accomplice managed to flee. Subsequently, the fleeing accused telephoned the complainant that he wanted to return all looted items. Then he sent Rs 70,000 to the complainant by Tufail, a close relative of DSP. Similarly, in another case FIR NO 319/, which was lodged with the Shahzad Town Police Station and in this case the DSP allegedly took Rs 200,000 for inclusion of section 395 and 447 PPC in the said case. Later, ASI confessed this incident in a written statement before the other senior police officials. When contacted, DSP Ishaque Warraich said that charge sheet was yet to be received by him and after receiving it he would get back to this correspondent. However, he said that neither some officials of the Interior Ministry were helping him to get back his position as DSP Shahzad Town nor he took bribe in a single case throughout his career.