LAHORE - The PML-N has found something fishy about the delay sought by President Zardari regarding handing over the UN probe commission report on Benazir Bhutto murder to the UN General Secretary, and its publication which was scheduled to take place on March 30. PML-N Senator Pervez Rashid in a chat with The Nation finds no obvious reason as to why the President has sought more time for handing over the final report on Benazir assassination and its publication through the UN, he however feels startled by the request made by the President for deferment of the report at nick of the hour. I am surprised what prompted the ruling side to urge deferment of the UN report for further two weeks on the eleventh hour pleading that more countries should be involved in the same, he posed a query feeling surprised why not this all came into the mind of the PPP earlier, and why moments before release of the report. He said that it also merits notice how the PPP came to know about contents of the report and sought further material therein when the report had yet not seen the sun. More than that, he said he was surprised to learn that the handing over and release of the UN report was not stalled by the government as says the Prime Minister, and if that was the case then who did it. The whole episode smacks off something fishy, he said and added, his party smells the rat about seeking delay in the publication of the report. To a question on the present stand-off on judicial commission for the appointment of judges and new name for the NWFP and the prospective meeting of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif to iron out differences on the same on the occasion of Raiwind visit of Turkish President Abdullah Gul, Senator Pervez Rashid did not rule out the chance of the matter being discussed on the sideline however, he said, such a discussion was not on the formal agenda. He said during Turkish Presidents visit to the City, Mian Sahib and the Prime Minister did get more than one chance of face-to-face therefore probability could not be turned down their discussing the clogged issues of the Constitutional package. To a question he said, the PML-N had already tabled names to rename NWFP as such it would not present any new one, and would ask for picking up one from already placed. He said his party stand on the new name for the province was to make the same representative of all communities living in NWFP and to also have a national character therein so that everyone feels satisfied. As to composition of the Judicial Commission with restricted powers to the executive for the appointment of judges to the superior judiciary, he said, it was something necessary in the public interest. He said their demand for giving upper hand to the judiciary in the appointment of judges was not aimed at targeting the government for the reason PML-N and say any other party, would have the same executive position in the Commission in case they come to power tomorrow. As such it was wrong to call their demand PML-N specific, but something which had to benefit all parties and everyone. He said in the Constitutional package various parties raised demands for their own sake, but the PML-N was going after what is to benefit everyone and every political party.