ISLAMABAD - Britain and Pakistan are working to establish a multi-disciplinary task force to curb illegal human trafficking. This was stated by Ruth Orchard, Migration Delivery Officer, while briefing media here on Wednesday. He said that the FIA was working closely with the British High Commission to control the illegal immigration. She said the newly installed PISCES system helped in stopping forgery. Now people with proper education and skill will enter the UK, she added. Head of the Strategic Communication of the British High Commission, Rob Murphy informed the media that Britain had done a lot of work against illegal universities in the UK and the British Government would take strict action against the bogus colleges and universities. Ruth Orchard said Pakistan is still in the top ten countries regarding human smuggling. She said it is very difficult to uproot the human smuggling network. She disclosed Britain is providing huge funding for three major projects being run by the Federal Investigation Agency of Pakistan to curb human smuggling. She said thousands of illegal Pakistanis are living in the UK and most of them went there on the visit visas and never came back. She said any applicant who will apply British visa using forged documents will be refused and will not be able to apply again for ten years. It may be mentioned that the British High Commission in Islamabad has the biggest visa section of the world. Britains Deputy High Commissioner Peter Tibber, in an inaugural briefing, said that Britain welcomed legitimate visitors. We are trying to stop illegal immigrants and trying to send them back as soon as possible, he added. He said that people got frustrated due to their own faults like filling visa application forms wrongly. He said that the British High Commission checked the authenticity of every single document of every single individual. We advise the applicants not to apply with forged documents, he urged. He said that Britain was the most popular destination for students in the world. An exclusive documentary on the 'Grim Realities of Illegal Migration was also showcased. The documentary highlighted the plight of illegal migrants and frightful consequences on the lives of the people involved in it. The documentary showed that illegal migrants often being exploited and forced into bonded labour or poor living conditions, with many enduring appalling conditions and life threatening situations on their journey. The British High Commissioner, in his message to the people of Pakistan said, The legal way is the only way and do not listen or pay money to people who tell you otherwise. The documentary was based on real life case studies of the illegal migrants with interviews of the Border Agency of UK and the Federal Investigation Agency of Pakistan.