ISLAMABAD - Saifullah Khan Niazi, Central Additional Secretary General of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), on Wednesday said that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) should be empowered to penalise the elements responsible for creating hurdles in its smooth working. PTI believes in the complete independence of the institutions of Pakistan, he said this while talking to media after attending the All Parties Conference convened by the Election Commission of Pakistan, at the partys Central Secretariat in Islamabad. Saifullah Khan pointed out various measures necessary for the effective and the independent working of the ECP. The financial independence of ECP would help cease the unnecessary interference of the different quarters of the Government, he added. He further said that it is necessary that the Election Commissioner of Pakistan should be appointed at least for six years for continuity in the policies of the ECP. He also said that all CNIC holders should be eligible to cast their vote. However, anyone, who is not holding new CNIC should not be allowed to vote on the basis of his old NIC. He said that as a part of its preparation the ECP should computerise the record of voters list well before the holding of the next general elections. Rather, he suggested that at the time of issuance of the CNIC by NADRA the ECP should update its record accordingly. He also quoted the example of India where by using the electronic voting machine the EC minimise any chance of rigging in the elections. If Bangladesh can computerise the record of its more than 80 million people within a short span of eleven moths then why not Pakistan where 80 percent of its population has already been issued CNIC complete the data within a reasonable period of time, he questioned. He further said in Pakistan almost 4 million people reach to the age of 18 years annually. At that point of time when they are issued CNIC they should be enlisted as voters simultaneously. He drew attention to another important factor that the use of thumb impression machine at polling stations will prove helpful to block bogus voting. He was of the opinion that by allowing all family members to cast their vote in one polling station will help save them from any trouble on the day of elections. He called upon the ECP to make all parties bind not to spend money more than prescribed by the ECP. Saifullah said that the ECP assured the all parties that it was already working on voters lists. On these lines and the same would be completed within 6 months.