Constitutional Reform Committee on Thursday presented draft of the 18th constitutional amendment to Speaker National Assembly Dr Fehmida Mirza. All members of the Constitutional Reform Committee led by Senator Raza Rabbani presented the draft to the Speaker NA at a ceremony held at the Parliament house on Thursday. Speaker NA Fehmida Mirza terming March 31 as historical day said that political parties consensus on reconciliation policy has proven that parliament is the institution that has the capability to solve the nation's problems. She expressed the hope that the both houses of parliament would now pass the bill. Dr Fehmida Mirza announced that the room in the parliament house where CRC had conducted over seventy-seven meetings in past nine months for the revival of the 1973 constitution should now be called constitution room. The chairman of the committee Raza Rabbani welcomed it as it a historic day which reflects the hard work and dedication of the committee. Senator Raza Rabbani speaking on the occasion said he appreciates the will and commitment of the members of the committee and they proved that the parliamentarians had the capability to pull our nation out of crisis. He said that all political parties with maturity and consistence drafted a constitution for a federal democratic Pakistan. Rabbani said that no military dictator could abrogate the 73 constitution and only put it in abeyance because the constitution had enjoyed the support of the political parties. The constitutional reforms committee has signed a draft for the 18th constitutional amendment on Wednesday. The new amendment aims to bring back the 1973 constitution to its original shape and it will be presented in the national assembly on Friday.