LAHORE - Speakers at the Hamdard Shoora meeting here Wednesday called for framing the next budget depending upon the national resources instead of banking on others. And for that the country needs sincere, honest, patriotic and the professional economist capable to plan the economic policies in a way that the nation does not depend on others rather prefers to travel on cycles instead of adopting luxuries emulating the others. They also demanded use of a portion of the budget on strengthening the judicial system of the country so that the cancer of corruption could be uprooted and the poor get the means to address their miseries. They also underlined the need of waging war against the corrupt and mafias in the country which are out to loot the national wealth and are factoring increase in the prices at will besides hoarding. The Shoora meeting was addressed by Dr Rafiq Ahmad, Dr MA Soofi, Dr A.R Chaud-hry, Gen (r) Rahit Latif, Ch Bashir Ahmad, Samar Jamil Khan, Najma Mahboob, Gen (r) Afzal Najeeb, Begum Shahid, Shaista S Hassan and others. The speakers said our policies must be framed with a view to providing comfort to our people instead of pleasing others. We are being overwhelmed with foreign loans while never any transparent audit of the same has been conducted nor any record maintained on their spending. The speakers laid stress on cutting the govt expenditure (non-development expenditure) which they reckoned seven times more than those done on the whole country. They called for immediate measure to address the energy crisis in the country and also increasing the development projects in order to create jobs for the poor. That trade opportunities should be increased in the manner that everyone benefits from the same.