The recent increase in petroleum prices has led to manifold increase in the prices of essential commodities with kitchen items from flour to vegetables registering an increase of 20 to 25 percent. According to a survey, carried out by Online, price of pulses have risen within one day after increase in petroleum by Rs 20 to Rs 30. In Islamabad, vegetable prices increased from Rs 10 to 20 per five kilograms, while fruit prices increased from Rs 10 to Rs 30. The pulses, which were available in Ganjmandi at Rs 80 to Rs 100, are now selling at Rs 100 to Rs 125. The flour prices have also registered an upward trend, as the 20-kilogram flour bag, which was available in the market before increase of POL prices at Rs 520, is now being sold in the market at Rs 550 and has registered an increase of Rs 30 per bag. The shopkeepers at wholesale market of rice and wheat Ganjmandi were of the view that the kitchen budget of the common man has increased by about Rs 1,000 and under the prevailing circumstances, it would be difficult for a person, who earns Rs 6,000 per month to run his kitchen.