Students are facing residential problems because of acute shortage of accommodation facilities in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Nida Ahmed, a student, said that due to non-availability of proper hostel facilities, she had to live in a small room. "It is quite difficult for a student to find a reasonable living place at affordable rates," she added. She said that private hostels had been charging Rs5,000 to Rs8,000 for a single bed accommodation, adding that these hostels lacked proper cleaning. Shafqat Ullah, an employee said that rents of rooms and houses had surged in the last few years due to the unprecedented influx of students and job seekers in the twin cities. "I am paying Rs7,000 for a single unfurnished room, and the owner raised rent, 10 percent every year," he added. "I am residing in a small room of a private hostel with three other girls due to paucity of hostels for girls in the twin cities," said Aqsa Taseer, a student of IIUI. She said, "We pay Rs 7,500 per head to the hostel management who provide two time meals and breakfast." She said that there arrangements lacked proper cleanliness, and the food was not of standard. She appealed the authorities concerned to take steps for setting up new girls hostels in the twin cities, because the existing hostel facilities were not sufficient to the increasing women working class. Israr Khan, living in a single room in Shamsabad said that the main cause of the accommodation shortage was the lack of bachelor hostels and proper housing schemes. He said that he had been facing residential problem since he came to capital in 2003 after completing his studies. "In the past five years, I have changed my residence many times due to the ill attitude of landlords or lack of basic facilities," he added. He said that the setting up of more hostels could bring relief to bachelors who came here from distant areas of the country in search of jobs and education. Many universities and colleges are facing shortage of hostels in twin cities. The students demanded that concerned authorities should provide sufficient accommodation facilities to decrease the problems of the students. They stressed that the educational instructions should be bound to provide boarding, lodging and other facilities to its students as part of the registration of these institutions set up in hired building lacking space and other facilities.