LAHORE PML-N Quaid Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has underscored the need for bringing revolutionary changes with a view to ensuring provision of rights to the masses if the country has to be saved and made stable. The affairs of the country must be administered as per the aspirations of the 170 million people of Pakistan while the provinces need to be run through their respective populace. Therein lies the recipe for saving Pakistan, said Nawaz Sharif while taking to a delegation from Balochistan districts of Naseerabad, Jaffarabad and others led by Sardar Sanaullah Zehri, which called on him at his Raiwind residence on Wednesday. These teams including sitting and former Parliamentarians and political stalwarts of Balochistan also announced their participation in PML-N activities, reposing full confidence in the leadership of Nawaz Sharif to steer the country out of the present difficult situation. They also applauded the friendly sentiments of Nawaz Sharif for the people of Balochistan and his continuous insistence on giving them their due rights. They also noted that during last visit of Nawaz Sharif to Balochistan not a single fire was shot, which symbolised popular trust in him. Nawaz, in his discourse, said: We have to bring about radical changes to save and put the country on the track of progress, prosperity and stability. He vehemently segregated himself from those who supported dictator in the past, betraying the public mandate and sharing subversion of the Constitution. He sounded quite upbeat about the bright future of the country and said his party wanted not one but many Dubais in Balochistan in view of economic potential therein. He called for undertaking special legislation for the development of Balochistan with a view to attracting foreign investment, setting up new urban areas and initiating major development projects therein. Nawaz recalled his past stints in the rule when as prime minister he had initiated the projects like Coastal Highway, Khuzdar-Naudero Highway, and others in Balochistan but the dictator toppled his government and stopped Balochistans journey to progress and development. He commended the Baloch people for supporting Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah when he was leader of the PML, but later on the dictators mistreated the Baloch and deprived them of their due rights. He termed murder of Nawab Akbar Bugti the most oppressive act of Pervez Musharraf. Bugti, he said, was a man of principles and a politician who always raised voice for Pakistan and its people. He said time had come to take his killers to the task as his murder served as a lever to generate separatist sentiments in Balochistan. He referred to the struggle, sacrifices and contribution made by Bengalis to the creation of Pakistan but they were forced to seek separation during the military regime. Nawaz blasted the dictatorship tenures in Pakistan for inflicting irredeemable damage on the country contrary to democratic rules, which imparted stability to the country. He said: We are fulfilling our responsibilities towards national interests and in order to address masses problems hence in order to end the social ills, we have to wage war against them. We have no more time to waste on this score. Nawaz expressed his resolve to fight for the basic rights of Baloch people, independence of judiciary and supremacy of the Constitution, rule of law with the same spirits his party came up with on the issues of Kerry-Lugar Act, NRO, waiving of loans and prestige of the judiciary on which they forced the government to retreat. He criticised the government and said the procrastinating attitude, the act of complicating the constitutional issues by confusing them others, stepping back from the promises and pledges and negative approach of the government are the sources of todays difficult situation of the country and Balochistan province. He said his party strongly feels governments non-seriousness and insincerity towards establishing supremacy of the Parliament, restoration of the Constitution to the position it was on October 12, 1999, ending loadshedding, hike in the prices of commodities, petrol, gas and electricity, implementation of Charter of democracy and freedom of the Press. Given this situation it was imperative for the government to review its priorities and rearrange them in the public and national interest with a view to ending the prevailing situation of uncertainty, he added. He said the democracy can come under serious threat if the present situation persists and the government does not take stock of things on its part. He called for immediate redress of the problems of Baloch people and said till the killers of Bugti are taken to task, his party would not come to rest. This as well as an end to corruption and action against the subverters of the Constitution, and return of Pakistan money from Swiss accounts form priorities of the PML-N, for which it was committed to continue to make efforts, he maintained and said, therein rests the survival and stability of the country and the system.