MINGORA, Swat - The educational institutions in Malakand Division, particularly in Swat District, will reopen today (Saturday) after a period of around four months. The government has issued directives to the authorities concerned in this regard. The schools were closed after militants started destroying them with explosive devices in the name of Islam. Around 356 schools, including 265 in Swat District, were destroyed by militants in Malakand Division. During visit to various parts of Mingora city and other areas, TheNation witnessed debris of various damaged schools. For example, all the portions of the Government High School No 1 situated in Nawakili, were found completely demolished. The government has ordered to put up tents on the debris for resuming classes in the historical school. Similar was the situation in Haji Baba area where militants had demolished a number of schools, including that of girls. The administration has made makeshift arrangements for the time being and classes would be resumed either in tents or gifted building. The situation in Qanmbar, Rahimabad, Balogram and Manyar areas appeared extremely bad, as almost all the schools had been destroyed by the militants there. No arrangements have been put in place there for resuming classes. As far the situation in Matta Sub Division is concerned, the authorities have not yet announced the schedule for reopening the schools. Some local people informed TheNation that militants were still present in the area and had been terrorising the people. Similar was the situation in Miandam, Malam Jabba and Madayan regions where militants were still feared to create problems for the local residents. TheNation also learnt during the visit that most of the teachers of the destroyed schools, especially the female teachers had not returned their homes from Peshawar and other parts of the country. In a bid to convince or force such teachers for resuming their duties, the high-ups of the Education Department have already issued notices through press advertisements. But all that does not mean that situation is not improving. The situation is certainly improving day by day all over Mingora area. The uncertainty exists in Matta region only because, according to local people, leading Taliban leaders and commanders are still present in Bamakhela, Qadar Banda, Bakaro Sar and other mountainous regions. Some of the commanders and leaders have been witnessed even riding horses, the local people said. The local residents further informed that even the militants commanders were involved in taking money (bhatta) forcefully from the ordinary people. On account of such reasons, the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) are reluctant to go to their hometowns and villages and prefer to stay either in rented houses or with their relatives in Mingora or other places.