The District Emergency Officer Rescue 1122, Rawalpindi Dr Abdul Rahman on Thursday praised the firefighter’s efforts to contain the fire into only few effected houses and saved the entire village from a big disaster.

Dr Abdul Rahman also expressed deep grief and sorrow over the loss of lives in the plane crash. He said firefighters bravely extinguished the aircraft crash fire and minimize the loss of public property and lives.

Furthermore, he also paid rich tribute to the army aviation officials, both Pilot officers and the Crew members, on their efforts till last breath to take the plane out of the populated town.

Dr Rahman also carried out performance review of the emergency operations in Rawalpindi during a monthly review meeting to ensure quality emergency care without any discrimination.

It has been observed that 3,154 victims of emergencies were rescued in 3,282 rescue operations during the month of July in all over the Rawalpindi.

In Rawalpindi, Rescue 1122 rescued 3,154 victims of emergencies in the month of July while responded to 3,282 emergency calls which includes 953 road traffic accidents, 1,727 medical emergencies, 120 fire emergencies, 118 crime calls, seven drowning, two building collapsed incidents, one explosion and 354 other miscellaneous emergencies.

Furthermore, out of a total 3,154 rescued victims, 732 have been provided first aid at the site and 2,264 were shifted to the hospital after provision of emergency medical treatment by the trained paramedics of Rescue 1122 Rawalpindi.