SIALKOT-India released flood water in Nullah Dek, causing high flood the nullah that originates from the neighboring country.

According to senior officials of the Irrigation Department, there is a high flood in Nullah Dek near Pasrur and big peak of 14,000 cusec of flood water is passing through the Nullah at Zafarwal, Kingra and Chahoor-Pasrur Wednesday evening.

The officials added that floodwater overflowed banks of Nullah Dek due spate of floodwater, causing flood in as many as 13 villages of Pasrur tehsil including Qazi Pahaarang, Maakhanpur, Daulatpur, Sikandarpur, Dhaariwal, Kotli Khawaja, Kaallowali Syedaan, Tanbu Ghalib,Roopowali, Jhangi Key, Wahga, Kaallowali Khurd ,Rasulpur and Bhikhi.

Floodwater also badly affected seasonal crops standing hundreds of the acres of fields in these villages. The flood virtually cut off these areas from the rest of Sialkot district, as all land routes disconnected due to the peak of high flood.

The people on the flooded villages have taken shelters on rooftops of their houses and were awaiting the government response. Officials confirmed that India, in the evening, released a bog peak of 14,000 cusec of floodwater into Nullah Dek, which caused high level flood in the nullah. Sialkot Deputy Commissioner Dr.Syed Bilal Haider said that the rescue activities would soon be started in these Pasrur villages here. He said the government response would be prompt and effective, urging the people not be panic and rest sure, they would not be left in the lurch.