MANSEHRA - Law-enforcement agencies have launched a crackdown against unregistered madaris (seminaries) and directed the concerned authorities to seal 70 madaris in the district.

According to the details, authorities ordered to seal 70 unregistered madaris including 53 of Deobandi faction, six of Bralvi faction, one each of Sipah-e-Sahaba, Jaish-e-Mohamnad and 2 madaris of a Shia faction.

Some 13 unregistered madaris are situated in the surrounding of the Mansehra city, 11 situated in different areas of Tehsil Balakot including Mahandri, Paris and Hangrai, while six are situated in Darban, four in Oghi, three in Hamsharian, three in Baffa, four in Ghari Habibullah, five in Lassan Nawab, three in Jigran, one each in Dalola, Manda Ghucha, Chattar Plain, Baidari, Tarangri and Sabir Saha. About two madrassas located in Dalola, one in Sandi Sar, one in Phultra, Khanpur1 and Jaba 1.

Authorities have also directed registered Madaris to get No Objection Certificate (NOC) from district government.

Hazara police have launched crackdown against foreign nationals, staying illegally in the division and those have Pakistani identity cards, in the wake of the terrorist attack on Army Public School, Peshawar.

Law-enforcement agencies have also visited the prominent educational institutions of private and public sectors in the division to review the security situation.