LAHORE - Private educational institutions following the SOP formulated by the Punjab government have decided to ensure the possession of identity card of the institution by students and other staff at the entry points.

Private sector schools in various areas of the provincial capital issued instructions to their students and staff through SMS and email to show ID card before entering the premises of their institution for the sake of security of themselves and their colleagues.

The management of the institutions will issue ID cards on emergent basis to all such students and staff not having ID cards. Meanwhile, the schools under the directions by the government, started screening of their security staff on urgent basis.

According to a spokesman of the Punjab Education Foundation (PEF), instructions have been sent to the partner schools across the province to strictly follow the security SOP by the Police and Education department.

The Punjab government has taken necessary steps with the aim to ensure foolproof security in and around the educational institutions from the start of academic activities after vacations. Police have completed the initial security audit of schools, colleges and universities and ensured additional measures for safety of staff and students.

Punjab govt to hold assessment tests of grade three students: The Punjab School Education Department will hold six monthly assessment tests of grade three students of public sector schools and the private institutions associated with Punjab Education Foundation. The test will be held in 36 districts of the province with the view to improve the quality of education by measuring students' learning outcomes.

According to an SED circular, this test will be held in 235 selected government schools and 165 PEF partner schools on 9th and 10th of March. The test will be taken from Urdu, Mathematics and English.

The department has directed EDOs to take measures for holding of test. Different field officers will perform as invigilators in government and PEF partner schools. They have been directed to arrange assessment trainings in February and March with the coordination of DMOs in their districts.

The DMOs will ensure distribution of question papers and will dispatch the solved papers to the roadmap team on the same day. The surprise inspection will also be conducted by SED teams. The delivery team will submit its observations to the department, the circular further says.