KARACHI: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) policies are in absolute contrast to the needs of the country and aspirations of the masses.

 So far, it has completed its three years of five year tenure as federal government but the party has not offered any good news to the masses. Whether it is a Petrol prices issue or ruining the national strategic institutions on the pretext of privatisation, policies and plans of the PMLN have proved devastating.

 Now a step forward, the  PMLN is moving by leaps and bounds to ruin the century old heritage of old Lahore and if measure for checking this move are not lifted immediately, the national heritage of old Lahore, people’s means of living their shops and businesses and homes would all soon vanish from the scene.

 In a statement issued from the PPP Media Cell Sindh, the PPP said that only the PPP Chairman, Co-Chairman, Parliamentarians and leaders are opposing the PMLN for its anti-people and anti-Pakistan agenda while other parties are simply striving at protecting their interests and hence the PMLN has found it easier to wreak havoc on country’s resources, national strategic institutions and heritage.

 They said that the Orange Line Project is one of country’s most controversial projects, which the United Nations had also recently declared a devastating project. However, it is not known as why the PMLN is allowed to play with the fate of the country.