| Says Sindh committed to bringing such criminals to the book | Wants empowerment in line with 18th Amend, province’s share as per NFC award


Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah said that they had nothing to do with Uzair Baloch whatsoever and the Sindh government itself committed to taking action against (such) criminals in the province.

Qaim Ali Shah was talking to the media persons at Multan Airport on Sunday. He stated that they (PPP) had no relation with criminal Uzair Baloch and that his government itself has launched an operation against such criminals. “As per my knowledge, both Zulfiqar Mirza and Uzair Baloch were fast friends and they used to meet each other,” Qaim observed, adding that “the PPP has no any link with the gangster.” He informed that he had no information about the arrest of the Uzair Baloch but heard that the Lyari-gang-war-chief had been arrested.

Earlier, he visited Gillani House where offered condolence to Mustafa Gillani over the demise of former MNA Syed Asad Murtaza Gillani who died during Mina o stampede last year.

The Sindh chief minister claimed that the law and order situation has been improving in Sindh which had been deteriorated for the past 30 years. “Yes I can say that peace has returned to the province.... And it is because of our efforts... sincere and strenuous efforts and the Sindh government will surely spare no effort to reign in the criminals and mafias,” he declared while claiming credit for the improvement. The PPP stalwart also thanked the Chief of Army Staff, saying that whenever he (COAS) had visited Sindh, he always held a meeting with the Sindh Chief Minister. He said that the Sindh government wants eradication of terrorism as early as possible.

To a query about corruption in Sindh, Qaim Ali Shah stated that the menace of corruption is rooted throughout the country and so as there NAB and Anti-Corruption departments to eradicate the menace. To another question about operation against terrorists in Punjab province, the Sindh chief minister said that Punjab would itself decide whether or not to launch operation against the terrorists in the province that he has no role, whatsoever, in this regard.

He declared that there is no confrontation between the Centre and Sindh.... rather some reservations only. “The Sindh government has conveyed its reservations to the federal government that the provinces should be given complete powers in line with 18th Amendment,” he revealed, adding that they (Sindh) can generate electricity if the federal government offer Sindh its share according to NFC award.

Agencies add: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah on Sunday said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is a good man. He said that he has no differences with the federal government over the arrest of Lyari gang war leader Uzair Baloch and the criminals must be caught.

He said that Nawaz Sharif is a good man and comes to Karachi only for discussions on terrorism. “He never discussed energy, health and education with us”, he claimed.

Qaim Ali Shah said the differences with the deferral government are still there since no increase in NFC Award was recorded even after 5 years. “I discussed it with (Finance Minister) Ishaq Dar but he doesn’t give a clear answer”, said Shah.

The Sindh CM said that electricity can cost Rs5 per unit if produced with coal.