Like millions, my curiosity has now peaked to see when the method behind this madness emerges. It seems so unreal. With every development that takes place in the Trump White House, a horrendous shockwave is generated. People look at each other and question if this is the same US that was considered a beacon of hope for human rights, ungodly scientific progress and considered the vanguard to steer humanity through the next level of humanism. Because right now the patriotism wave fabricated by Trump is discouraging billions around the world. The oxygen is getting sucked out and the world is rapidly transforming into a miserable, suffocating place. The most powerful man in the ‘free world’ is hurting this very status that the West coined for itself in the Cold War era. It is just getting chaotic.

If we have a cursory look at the ‘accomplishments’ of the Trump administration in their very first week, we can easily gauge the history of the events to unfold in the near future. Let’s just go through what has happened in the US that has potentially very dire consequences for the people inside and outside the US, the environment, human conscience, civility, values and everything that has so far been achieved for a peaceful co-existence. 

On the surface it is the policy of one single country and one might concede that it is their right to do as they please. However, in the past, the US has chosen to vigorously project, propagate and push its values of governance, form of government and the ways of life on the rest of the world. Now with some strokes from a mighty pen the US is retreating its universally prescribed panacea for the rest of the world. People were confused then, but the gigantic US economy and huge military clout would leave them with no choice but to accept it. It caused issues then, but obviously considering the benign nature of these reforms they were generally cheered, though not implemented universally. But now backing off from it would create further complications in the wiser world out there. So we cannot simply brush aside these concerns by labeling those as the internal matters of the US.

Without further explanation, here is the progress card for the first week after Trump assumed office.

1) Rolled back Obamacare, the universal healthcare coverage for Americans.

2) Declared January 20th as National Patriotism Day because Trump took oath that day.

3) Bypassed Anti-Nepotism Law and appointed his son-in-law as senior White House adviser.

4) Withdrew the US from its own crafted TPP, the multinational economic deal comprising of 12 countries.

5) Signed rule to cut funding for all international NGOs who help women towards abortion. On the side, his party passed a bill to ban federal and private insurances to pay for abortive procedures.

6) Proposed to cut funding for programs like violence against women, fine arts, humanities, legal services, minority business development, public broadcasting, energy efficiency and renewable energy schemes.

7) Banned the Spanish version of the White House website.

8) Overturned ban on two major oil and gas projects that are hazardous to environment.

9) Banned the intake of refugees from the war-torn Syria – although they call it ‘temporary ban’, but not sure.

10) Banned the arrival of people to US from seven Muslim majority countries, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Sudan and proposed extreme vetting for the people from Pakistan.

11) Drafted a plan to allow CIA to use torture again for the interrogation purposes and allowed opening of so-called ‘Black Sites’.

12) Allocated $20billion for constructing the wall in the South along Mexico border. ‘Love thy neighbor’ – remember Mr Trump, this is from the Bible on which you took oath.

13) Slapped 20% import tax on the goods manufactured in Mexico to finance ‘the Wall’.

14) A list of crimes committed by immigrants would be compiled and publicly displayed.

15) Advised to formulate a legal framework for massive deportation.

And all this happened in just the first week. The swiftness, the precision of this promulgation is astounding. Probably we would hear more this week. Hopefully he is not going to cut aid to the starving people in Africa, but everything is possible because patriotism somehow works in these mysterious ways.

Tailpiece: Businessman, Kevin O’ Leary, the guy from ‘Dragon's Den’ wishes to become the leader of Tories in Canada. Mr O’Leary, please spare us, do make your money as you please but we don’t wish you to see another Trump in our own backyard. We have already seen the trailer and can figure out very well how the movie is going to look like. Thanks, but no thanks.