Rawalpindi-A man pardoned rapist of his 17-year-old disabled daughter in a courtroom amid hue and cry of the victim, informed eyewitnesses and sources on Wednesday.

The court confirmed the interim bail of the rapist identified as Muhammad Idrees after the complainant Munir Ahmed, the father of the victim, submitted an affidavit before the judge while announcing pardon for the rapist, they said.

Sources claimed the complainant had apologised to the rapist allegedly on intervention of influential of Bhattian village of Gujar Khan.

According to sources and eyewitnesses, Additional Session Judge Irfan Nasim Tarar took up interim bail plea filed by Muhammad Idress, the rapist of the deaf and dumb girl, when Munir Ahmed, the girl’s father, appeared before judge and submitted an affidavit stating he had compromised with the accused on intervention of “notables of the area” and did not want to pursue the case further. He stated he had mistakenly registered a rape case against Idrees and would have no objection if the court discharges him. On this, ASJ confirmed the interim bail of the rapist.

According to eyewitnesses, the victim who was also present in the courtroom during the hearing of case raised hue and cry but nobody paid attention to her. They claimed the father of girl pardoned the rapist on pressure from the elders of the area and appealed to Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of the issue.

Earlier, Munir Ahmed had lodged complaint with Police Station (PS) Gujar Khan on 9/2/2016 stating that he belonged to Khairpur Tehsil, District Muzaffargarh and was presently residing at the mansion of Chaudhry Fida Hussain of Gujar Khan along with family. His duty was to take care of Chaudhry’s cattle.

He stated he had two sons and six daughters while one of his daughters was mentally retarded. While returning to mansion with his brother, after cutting fodder for the cattle, he heard screams of his daughter from a seasonal nullah near his residence. He noticed Muhammad Idrees raping his disabled daughter. After spotting the girl’s father, the rapist managed to flee the scene. Munir requested police to register a case against the accused and arrest him. On this, police registered a case number 75 under section 376 of PPC and begua investigation.

A police officer said that the rapist went into hiding for almost two years since the police was unable to find him after raiding several locations to arrest him but in vain.

Interestingly, the applicant Munir, when contacted by The Nation, claimed he had pardoned the rapist only after the elder brother of accused visited his (forefathers) in village and begged for forgiveness. However, in the affidavit he submitted before court, it was clearly mentioned that he pardoned the rapist after intervention of noble people of Gujar Khan.

Investigation officer Sub Inspector (SI) Muhammad Arif told media that police are helpless and have no legal authority to grill the rapist after the applicant pardoned him before a court of law.