NOWSHERA VIRKAN -  Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Water and Power Ch Azhar Qayum Nahra (MNA NA-100) said that the PML-N government has put the country on the path to development and taking concrete steps of the uplift of different sectors.

Addressing a public gathering here, he said the nation would reap benefits of the development projects in near future. Due to effective economic policies of the government, Pakistan would soon emerge as a strong and prosperous country in the world.

He said that huge funds are being spent for the rehabilitation of infrastructure, energy and health project across the country. He also highlighted the role of Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif regarding effective policies for the uplift of health sector and education sectors.

 Ha pointed out that the masses can observe the difference between the PML-N and the previous governments. “The entire nation has a firm belief in economic vision of former premier Nawaz Sharif and people would honour the PML-N in the next general election,” he claimed.