LAHORE -  Working class has urged all political parties and federal and provincial governments to adopt national action programe for elimination of poverty, impose taxes upon the rich, including major traders, adopt progressive labour policy and get enforced labour laws in the country.

These demands were raised in a meeting held at BakhtiarLabour Hall Lahore on Wednesday, which was addressed by Khurshid Ahmad, general secretary of All Pakistan Workers Confederation, Akbar All Khan, Liaqat Ali Sahi, Ch. Muhammad Anwer, Osama Taariq, Niaz Khan and Ch. Kushi Muhammad Khokher, Jawaid Ahmed, Saeed Khokker and other representatives of trade unions. By another resolution, the house demanded of the federal government to get repealed Section-27/B of Banking Companies Ordinance, 1991 and Section-43 of National Database Registration Authority Ordinance, 2000.