KARACHI - The year 2012 witnessed worst ever security situation in the country’s commercial hub, with nearly 1,300 killings in political and sectarian violence and targeted attacks. Across the year, the city witnessed violence of all sorts and frequent killings despite the tall claims of the authorities concerned. Statistical data shows that at least 2,400 people have been killed during the year 2012 that also brought colossal damage to law enforcement agencies. According to estimates, as many as 150 law personnel have been killed in targeted attacks in different areas of the metropolis. Police high-ups say it is the highest ever killing rate of law enforcers. Previously, this number stood around 124. The data reveals that 68 law personnel out of a total of 124 were killed in Lyari gangsters-dominated South Zone. The Rangers and police could not even carry out a single operation against them, nor could they arrest a single criminal affiliated with Lyari gang, headed by Noor Muhammad alias Baba Ladla. Gadap Town and West Zone proved the second most dangerous area for law enforcers, where 38 policemen were killed. These areas are being dominated by newly-established Tehreek-e-Taliban Karachi chapter It is worth mentioning here that neither the Taliban nor Lyari gangsters allowed policemen roam inside their strongholds. People killed in sectarian violence included 114 activists and sympathisers of the defunct Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan, 136 Shia scholars, clerics and common people. During last year, sectarian violence claimed lives of at least nine doctors, seven lawyers and many key personalities. On the other hand, political violence claimed lives of 165 workers of Muttahida Qaumi Movement, 70 workers of Pakistan People’s Party, 61 of Awami National Party, 18 workers of Muhajir Qaumi Movement-Haqqiqi (MQM) and workers of other political groups. As many as 13 children were also killed during the year. Surprisingly, the law-enforcement agencies claimed to have conducted hundreds of targeted operations, but there was no respite from crimes and violence even for a week. Besides, 121 businessmen and traders were killed in the last year over their refusal to pay extortion money, making it quite difficult for traders of South and West zones to run their businesses. However, it is encouraging to note that the law-enforcement agencies actively performed their duties in district central, without any fear of attacks by any terrorist cell.