MANDI BAHAUDDIN - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Monday said that some elements in the country were conspiring to delay elections and feared that if it happened it would be disastrous for the integrity of the country. The Punjab chief minister was addressing a public gathering here at Rose Cinema Ground which packed to its capacity only for the second time in its history.It is to be noted that first it was filled at the visit of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Shaheed. Praising Army, Shahbaz said it was fighting against terrorism and defending the frontiers of home land by sacrificing their lives. He, however, warned that the commanders should avoid falling in the trap of those elements who wanted to derail the country from the path of democracy. Referring to menace of corruption, the Punjab CM said that Zar Bab and forty thieves group were looting national wealth with both hands. The poor and commoners are facing hardships and the rulers are not caring for their welfare,” he lamented. He stressed that the nation would have to break the begging bowl and develop own resources if it wanted to stand in the comity of dignified nations. “For this purpose the masses would have to vote the PML-N into power the upcoming elections,” he pointed out and appealed to the audience to vote in favour of Nawaz Sharif as he was the only capable national leader who could steer out the country from the prevailing crises. Shahbaz recalled that during first term of Nawaz Sharif, value of national current was equal to two Indian rupees but now it had fallen down to the level where Pakistan Rs1.75 was equal to one Indian rupee. This depreciation occurred due to mismanagement of the successive governments,” he claimed. Referring to achievements of the Punjab government, the chief minister said, it had worked hard to improve lot of the common people including farmers and educated youth. He said that the provincial government distributed 20,000 tractors to farmers, and yellow cabs to youth on merit. The government established a network of Daanish Schools across the Punjab to promoted education, especially the most deprived areas; gave laptops to students and started Ashiana Housing Scheme and built houses for homeless people,” he enumerated. Shahbaz said that last year Dengue epidemic outbreak claimed 250 lives, adding that to control the epidemic he and his government worked day and night and succeeded in curbing the threat with the grace of Allah Almighty. He said there were some leaders who sitting in London called us dengue brothers but practically they did nothing for the patients suffering from dengue. He further said that his government was aware of other diseases like TB and cancer and the Punjab government was working for their eradication as well. He pledged to bring Mandi Bahauddin at par with Islamabad and Faisalabad if the people gave their mandate to Nawaz Sharif in the coming elections. Later, he announced construction of overhead bridge on railway line and dual carriage way to link Mandi Mahauddin with Motorway. Mumtaz Tarar, Dewan Mushtaq, Ijaz Chaudhry and Nasir Bosal also addressed the public gathering and demanded establishment of university campus at Mandi Bahauddin and construction of overhead bridge on railway line and dual carriage way to link Mandi Bahauddin with Motorway.