ISLAMABAD – The employees and heads of five departments of Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) called off their strike on Monday after the vacation of guesthouse by the board’s chairperson and her assurance that her husband would not interfere in the official affairs.

The employees had gone on strike on Thursday in protest against the interference of FBISE Chairperson Shaheen Khan’s husband in official matters who, according to them, not only interfered in official matters of the board, but also used official vehicles and pressurised employees to obey his orders. The employees had announced that they would not start work until the guesthouse is vacated occupied by the Chairperson and she should move to her official residence allotted by the board in F-10 as it was the only way her husband can be stopped from meddling in FBISE affairs.

According to information, the chairperson had shifted the luggage to her F-10 house on Sunday and on Monday in the morning after negotiations the issue was resolved amicably. The Board Secretary Professor Israr Ali who was negotiation with the employees informed them that the IT department of the board would be shifted in the guesthouse and her husband would not be interfering in the affairs of the board.   

Though the employees, earlier too, had grievances against the chairperson’s policies and wrote to its attached Ministry of Education and Training, the cause of this strike was a brief argument between head of research department of the Board, Zulfikar Rizvi and Chairperson’s husband Col (retired) Zafar when he misbehaved with Zulfikar Rizvi.

 while he was discussing an official matter with the chairperson.

The employees alleged that the interference had increased because the chairperson was residing in Board’s guesthouse with her family that was actually constructed in the premises of the board for the examiners who come from other cities and also receiving rent of Rs 100,000 from board’s funds on self-hiring basis.