ISLAMABAD - Complying with the petroleum ministry’s advice, Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) at the advent of New Year has jacked up gas prices ranging from Rs 6 to Rs 43/mmbtu for different categories of consumers which would be effective from Tuesday (today) till June 30, 2013.A notification in this regard has also been issued. As per notification issued by Ogra, average increase for all categories of gas consumers is 6.14 per cent for different slabs. Increase in domestic tariff will be applicable on mosques, imam bargahs, churches, temples, other religious places, government and semi government offices, government guest houses, armed forces messes, langars, universities, colleges, schools and private educational institutions, orphanages, and other charitable institutions along with hostels and residential colonies to whom gas is supplied through bulk meters. Similarly, an increase in the tariff of commercial, industrial, CNG stations, cement factories, fertilizer factories and power sector consumers has also been introduced in the notification. New tariff for commercial consumers will be Rs 36.83/mmbtu, for industrial consumers Rs 28.23/mmbtu, CNG tariff will be Rs37.96/mmbtu, for cement factories Rs42.97/mmbtu, fertilizer factories Rs7.14/mmbtu and for power sector tariff Rs28.23/mmbtu.     Domestic gas consumers using up to 100 units in a month will pay Rs106.14/mmbtu after increase in gas tariff by Rs 6.14. Similarly, domestic consumers using up to 300 units in a month will pay Rs 212.28/mmbtu with a recent raise in gas price by Rs 12.28 and the consumers using over 300 units in a month will have to pay Rs 530.69/mmbtu in a month with a recent raise of Rs 30.69.  Ogra notification further discloses that new tariff for first slab of domestic consumers will be Rs 106.14/mmbtu, second slab of tariff Rs 212.28/mmbtu and third slab will be Rs 530.69/mmbtu. For special commercial consumers (Roti Tandoors) using up to 100 units in a month the new price will stand at Rs 106.14/mmbtu instead of Rs 100/mmbtu, and up to 300 units in a month the new gas price will be Rs 212.28/mmbtu instead Rs 200/mmbtu, while use of over 300 units in a month the consumers will have to pay Rs 636.83/mmbtu instead Rs 600/mmbtu in the country.Similarly, new commercial tariff will be Rs 636.83/mmbtu, ice factories Rs 636.83/mmbtu, Pakistan Steel Mills Rs 488.23/mmbtu, electricity sector Rs 488.23/mmbtu, CNG Rs 656.52/mmbtu, cement sector Rs 742.97/mmbtu and tariff for industrial sector will be Rs 488.23/mmbtu.  It merits mentioning here that gas consumers including compressed natural gas (CNG), industrial, power and fertilizer sectors are already paying handsome amount as gas infrastructure development cess (GIDC). CNG sector is paying Rs 263/mmbtu in region-1 and Rs 200/mmbtu in region-II, industrial sector Rs 50/mmbtu; power sector Rs 100/mmbtu and fertilizer sector is paying Rs 197/mmbtu in gas bills respectively. This New Year ‘gift’ would not only directly affect the poor consumers but its application to all categories including CNG and fertiliser sectors means that the masses will have to pay more for many other commodities. It merits mentioning here that if the ministry of petroleum and natural resources once again gets the nod of the federal cabinet to shift whopping burden of Rs 11 billion on account of Unaccounted for Gas (UfG) and non-recovery of gas bills from conflict-hit areas of KP and Balochistan to the consumers paying gas bills regularly, they will have to bear additional burden especially in Punjab and Sindh provinces.