KARACHI (PR) – Happilac celebrated its 35 years milestone achievement on 28th December 2012 on the occasion of their Annual Dealers Convention. The event was a real success and was attended by 800 people all across the country. The attendees were leading dealers, distributors, corporate clients and media delegates.

The guests were warmly welcomed by the management of Happilac. Kh. Shahid Razzak Sikka (CEO), Kh. Khalid Razzak Sikka (Director), Kh. Sajid Razzak Sikka (Director), Kh. Ammad (Director-Paints), Kh. Fahad (Director-Cons Chemical), Kh. Ali (Director-Road Marking), Kh. Ahmed (Director) greeted the attendees and thanked them all for being a part of this prestigious occasion.