ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman, Imran Khan, Monday expressed apprehensions over the statement of secretary Election Commission of Pakistan about dissolution of National and Provincial Assemblies on different dates.

He said this would be tantamount to provide ample opportunities to the provincial governments to rig the elections even before the election day. He said such a decision would provide an ample opportunity to the provincial governments to influence the results of the general elections, which was a violation of fundamental rights of the people and also was against provision of equal opportunities to all parties contesting the polls. He said that how the caretaker set up in centre would be announced around 25 days ahead of the dissolution of provincial governments.

"Since Punjab comprises of 65 per cent of the country in terms of population, its results shape up the next government in the centre.”

If PML-N government in Punjab is allowed to function even after the dissolution of national assembly, this would give sweeping powers to the PML-N government to rig polls and they would also victimize and harass the candidates of their opponent parties pressurising them to change their loyalties. The PML-N government did the same in by-polls and even now they are doing the same. I wonder what they would be doing only a week ahead of polls if they are at the helm of affairs while caretakers would be operating in the centre," the PTI chief observed.   

He asked Chief Election Commissioner to take notice of the statement of the secretary ECP and take immediate measures to clear the air.