LAHORE – PML-N leader Marvi Memom on Monday demanded the Sindh government step down, alleging it had failed to take action to control measles which claimed life of 125 kids in the province so far.

Marvi stated that Sindh government was giving ridiculous statements on the death of children when the situation demanded prompt and effective measures to save innocent lives. She said it was unfortunate that the PPP had such persons in its ranks that preferred their personal interests over public and national issues. She said that due to wrong and faulty policies of the federal government, the country was in a strong grip of uncertainty today.

Marvi said Balochistan and Peshawar’s situation was another example of the failure of the PPP government as no one was safe in those areas.

“The country has an urgent need of competent and honest leadership which could steer out the country from the present situation,” she observed. She promised to redress problems of the masses and remove their deprivations if her party would be voted to power in the next elections.