ISLAMABAD - Altaf Hussain-led Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) seems to have bent on introducing a unique culture of doing politics in the country as, by remaining part of the ruling coalition in the Centre as well as in Sindh, it is going to take part in the Tahirul Qadri’s long march to Islamabad scheduled for January 14 against the ruling coalition government.

As part of the same political doctrine employed successfully by MQM since year 2002, the party is part and parcel of the successive governments.

Though on several occasions during their 2002-2007 coalition with PML-Q-led government as well as during their 2008 till date coalition government with PPP, they repeatedly threatened to quit the government benches, only to return to coalition folds through successful backdoor negotiations. The policy continues this time too. The MQM is not leaving the government’s bandwagon, but wants to be part and parcel of Qadri’s long march without necessarily agreeing to all his goals too.

This is why despite announcing its full support to Dr. Qadri’s long march against the PPP-led coalition government, the MQM wants to keep riding the two boats at the same time, and it has no plan whatsoever, to leave neither the federal government nor the Sindh government in near future.

Albeit MQM has taken this decision after ignoring ‘expected’ unpleasant response of PPP as well as ‘saner and senior’ voices of party leaders to adopt a cautious approach in this matter, yet Muttahida is also strongly dispelling the impression to become part of any conspiracy to cause delay in the upcoming elections.

“MQM has not yet received any offending response from PPP and it should also be clear to all that Muttahida is an independent party to take its decisions,” said MQM leader Wasay Jalil, while talking to TheNation.

About the MQM support to the long march, he said that millions of the party’s workers including its CEC members across the country would throng the Qadri’s long march with an aim to bring reforms in the country’s political system and they would ‘surely’ not raise a single voice against the incumbent government. It would not be out of place to mention here that Tehreek-e-Minhajul Quran’s Chief Qadri had clearly remarked that two parties could not determine the destiny of the country and ‘if the next elections are held without electoral reforms it will be unconstitutional and people will not accept the result.”

The MQM leader said that MQM has neither planned to agitate against the PPP government nor part ways with it in near future. “We are just supporting Allama’s mission to bring reforms in the country’s system, as rest of the impressions are totally baseless,” he added. 

In response to a question that if the long march turns out to be potent reason for delay in the upcoming elections, the MQM spokesman clarified that they were not supporting Tahir-ul-Qadri with any such aim. “Not at all, we have no such aim to disturb elections,” he added.

It is pertinent to mention here that MQM is so far the only party to fully support Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri’s long march, as PML-Q has confined itself with the suggestion to government and opposition to hold parleys with Minhajul Quran chief. PML(Q) spokesman Kamil Ali Agha reportedly suggested both the government and opposition to hold talks with Dr.Qadri.

Talking to TheNation, PML-Q central leader Faisal Saleh Hayat even went to remark that his party has not received any formal offer from Dr. Qadri to participate in his long march. “PML(Q) will decide about whether to support Qadri’s or not after receiving any formal invitation,” he added.

When contacted, Senior Vice President PML-Q Ajmal Khan Wazir said that reforms in the country’s system is tantamount to bringing good a positive change. “Reforms should not be considers as bad thing...Qadri’s aim is in favor of people,” he said.

To a question about PML(Q) participation in the long march, he said that PML(Q) Chief Chaudhary Shujaat has congratulated him but still no decision has been taken to support him in the rally. Whereas, MQM has announced that hundred of thousands of workers will actively participate in the 14January rally.

Sources suggested that though PPP’s government is still not giving any statement to create any hindrance in the long march yet a failed attempt had already been made through Interior Minister Rehman Malik to pursuade the MQM not to be part of any long march against the federal government.