PESHAWAR - Qaumi Watan Party (QWP) Chairman, Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao, said on Monday that tribesmen were victims of government’s wrong policies and inattention towards Fata that was why tribesmen had been passing through a difficult phase since long.

“To change fortune of tribesmen and bring durable peace in tribal areas, my party will play an active role,” he said and asked the government to pay too much attention so as to overcome unemployment, ignorance and bring prosperity in Fata.

He said that Pakhtuns, as a nation, were confronted with different challenges. There was a need to take sincere steps to bring peace on their soil, he said this while meeting a delegations of his party from Saudi Arabia and Orakzai Agency. Terming overseas Pakistanis as a national asset, he said that QWP would raise voice at all forums for the welfare and protection of the rights of overseas Pakistanis, he said. He said that overseas Pakistan were playing a leading role in progress and development of the country.

Aftab Sherpao said that his party would protect Pakhtuns rights. As due to wrong and directionless polices, Pakhtuns have been victims since long. It was right time to pay attentions towards their problems and get resolved on priority basis.

He said that in order to over come the problems being faced by Pakhtuns, his party had designed a comprehensive plan, so as to protect their rights and usher in progress and prosperity on Pakhtun’s soil.

Meanwhile, Chairman Khun-e-Jigar Foundation Welfare Hospital and Blood Transfusion Services Aslam Marwat said that that Khun-e-Jigar Foundation would provide free of cost medical check up and medicine facility from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Aslam Marwat said Khuni Jigar Foundation also providing laboratory facility to poor patients belonging to any area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He informed that six specialist doctors under the patronage of Doctor Mohammad Fida were working for the welfare of the poverty-stricken masses.

He also added that the ratio of blood diseases is increasing with each passing day and it is obligatory on them to assess these patients on priority basis. He said that all segments of society should participate in this noble cause for the welfare of the poor persons as it is hard for these patients to bear the expenses of blood along with medicines.

He said that Khun-i-Jigar foundation which is situated in Shaheen Town street No-1 near Town police station on University road Peshawar is providing 24 hour free of cost blood facilities for all kind of patients including Thalassemia and blood cancer. He also urged upon the university students to participate in this noble mission, which has been initiated for the welfare of the ailing humanity.

He also announced that unlike other blood foundation, Khun-e-Jigar foundation would provide free of cost screening and blood bag facility to patients. Cell: 03335511132.

Meanwhile,  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf provincial leader Parvez Khattak and Shaukat Yousafzai on Monday said he would make strenuous efforts to strengthen his party’s position. 

Addressing a news conference here at press club, Shaukat said that the party organisational structure is too much weak because of too many new comers, but party central chairman Imran Khan took a very good and bold step to hold intra party election. “We have been got too much experience and understood political activities, dialogue process and how to compete, he added.

Shaukat also said that they were not made any demand but have come here for party interest, adding party needs experienced people and Pervez Khattak is an experienced politician. He maintained that they have confidence in the leadership of Pervez Khattak and omen that the upcoming Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government will be made in the auspicious of Khattak.

After coming into power, he said that honour will be given to party workers and will end grouping inside the party. On the occasion, Khattak said that they have the same ideology and destination and would work together to end corruption, and nepotism in the country. He also warned certain party workers to stop fake party elections, and end inherited politics.

PTI chief Imran Khan, he said has raised a voice for positive change in the country by eradicating corruption, nepotism and favouritism in the government departments, stop price hike in daily commodities, he added.