LAHORE - The Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) extended emergency service to 1,092,900 victims of various accidents/incidents in the province during 1,032,859 rescue operations in 2018.

Data shows an increase of 30 percent in the emergency responses as compared to 2017. This was expressed by Director General Dr Rizwan Naseer while presiding over annual performance review meeting 2018 held on Monday.

The meeting was attended by all head of wings and they presented data of all districts of Punjab with reference to Emergency Response in case of road crashes, medical, fire, buildings collapse, crime, explosions, fall from height, delivery case, and miscellaneous emergencies.

Head of Operations, Ayaz Aslam briefed DG Rescue Punjab that 331671 road traffic accidents took place across the Punjab in 2018 whereas 265510 RTAs were reported in 2017 with increase of 25 percent.

Similarly, 17557 fire incidents were reported in all 36 districts of Punjab in 2018 whereas some 16455 cases of fires were reported in 2017 with increase of 6.7 percent. Rescue 1122 managed 553088 medical emergencies in 2018, whereas the Service responded to 404545 medical cases in 2017 with increase of 36.7 percent.

Also, the Punjab Emergency Service responded to 25250 calls related to crime in 2018, as compared to 22195 in 2017 with increase of 13.8 cases. A total of 141 explosions were reported in 2018 in Punjab as compared to only 122 cases during 2017. Rescue 1122 also responded to 1149 cases of drowning, 35554 delivery cases, 16984 fall from height, 547 building collapses, and 50918 miscellaneous incidents.