ISLAMABAD-Two women robbed a house in the federal capital on Monday, leaving a housewife injured during the crime.

The women robbed the house of valuables including jewellery and Rs.14 million in cash. Upon resistance from a family member, the women stabbed the housewife, injuring her severely.

The victim’s husband, who was not present at the occasion, filed a complaint with the police, saying that his wife had been critically injured.

Meanwhile, Rawalpindi police arrested alleged killers of a traffic warden who was gunned down while resisting a robbery near Combined Military Hospital two months ago. Police said that the 4 suspects also confessed to at least 10 other crime incidents in the garrison city.

The suspects robbed Butt Dairy Shop early in morning on July 23 in Dheri Hassanabad locality. They had snatched Rs7,500 and a mobile phone at gunpoint from the owner and staff of the dairy shop.

But just as they were about to leave, the shopkeeper’s brother-in-law, traffic warden Asghar Butt, came by his motorbike. Butt tried to overpower the robbers but they shot him twice and fled. The warden died immediately.