London-Dame Joan Collins credits her slender frame for being ''disciplined'' and not eating too much. Dame Joan Collins only eats half of her meal. The 85-year-old actress believes she's still in great shape because she's ''very disciplined'' and though she doesn't deprive herself of the things she likes, she only has small portions but also credits ''luck'' as playing a part. She said: ''I'm extremely sensible and very disciplined. ''I don't stuff myself with food - I only eat half of what's on my plate - and I won't deprive myself. ''I'll drink wine, have dessert, eat toast and have coffee with sugar. I think I'm just lucky.'' And the 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' star always tries to look after her skin, though she refuses to reveal what products she opts for.

She said: ''I also try to get enough sleep and always wear moisturiser, sun cream and night cream. ''I can't tell you what brand because I don't get paid for advertising it!

''I think I should be their public face though because it's a very rich brand. ''If they pay, I'll be able to say, 'This is heaven and I've been using it for 20 years!' ''

Joan doesn't think she's particularly glamorous in her every day life but she rarely goes barefaced because she doesn't think her husband, Percy Gibson, 53, is a fan. She said: ''I look alright [on a day off]. Not particularly glamorous, but glamour is just clothes, hair and make-up.

''I don't think my husband likes me without make-up.'' The former 'Dynasty' star has never felt pressure to undergo cosmetic surgery and thinks that's contributed to her enduring popularity.

She said in a recent interview: ''I haven't had any of that. I think that's why people like the way I look, because I haven't changed my face. ''You see certain actresses who have had so much surgery that they are unrecognisable and can't smile properly.

''With peer pressure, I probably would have done it but I hope I wouldn't have felt insecure about myself because of what's written on social media. ''I never Google myself, I don't want to read bad things about myself.''