ISLAMABAD-Precious land of the Quaid-e-Azam University has not only been encroached by external elements, but the varsity’s own employees backed by land grabbers have also made illegal constructions there, The Nation learnt on Monday.

Officials informed The Nation that the university faced land encroachment from its own employees, who have done illegal constructions in the villages and are challenging the administration in establishing its writ there.

Sources said that the university administration under supervision of previous Vice Chancellor Dr Javed Ashraf had held a meeting on August 2 to cope with the challenge of encroachment of the varsity land.

The meeting was held as a follow-up of the recommendations made by National Assembly’s education standing committee to stop the encroachment in the university.

“It was revealed in the meeting that the university’s employees had also grabbed the varsity’s land,” said an official who attended the meeting.

The official said that few elements tried to shelve the issue in the meeting, however; the secret was revealed when few high officials questioned the involvement of employees in encroachment.

The official said that the university administration in the meeting decided to form a team to conduct door-to-door visit of all villages for confirmation of the employees residing there illegally.

“The survey team had to verify identities of the illegal residents with the voter lists available with them,” said the official.

The official said that the meeting also decided to terminate all such employees after preparing the lists of such employees.

According to the minutes of the meeting available with The Nation, the meeting was attended by former VC Dr Javed Ashraf, acting registrar Imtiaz-ud-Din and 9 other senior officials of the administration and security departments.  The documents said that the administration constituted a committee to prepare list of illegal occupants by visiting door to door in all encroached localities on the university campus.

The committee included a security officer along with 2 senior security personnel, estate officer, engineer M Fayyaz Khan and draughtsman Dibahaar.

“It was further decided that the lists would be prepared by visiting the sites of 9 villages within the university and help would also be sought from the latest voter list (2018) of this area to identify illegal encroachers,” said the document.

According to the documents, the standing committee had also directed the university to terminate all such employees living in the illegal houses.

The university committee on this point decided that further action would be taken after receiving the aforesaid list from the committee constituted for the purpose.

The official also added that two meeting were held on the issue, however, task of preparation of the list of the university employees was not completed as the university was facing other administrative issues then.

The official said that above a dozen university employees backing encroachment had political affiliations and enjoyed the support of strong political figures.

“They work like front men of the land mafia,” said the official.

The official also said that recent incident of clash between university administration and its employees occurred when the administration tried to harvest its land to cultivate wheat there.

The official said that a university employee gathered a group of people and resisted against the admin that tried to establish its writ on its own land.

Another senior official said that fresh encroachment was also underway on Kiyani Road despite of clear instructions by the university administration against the land encroachment.  “Illegal occupants have extended the encroachment and built stables for animals,” said the official.

According to the minutes of the meeting, the standing  committee had issues directions to the university administration that it shall make efforts for discontinuation of the utilities to the illegal inhabitants and it shall also ensure that no further connection for these utilities is issued by any authority to the illegal inhabitants.

The meeting also decided that the university security cell would ensure compliance in regard that no illegal occupant or encroacher expands its occupation and no building material reaches to illegal houses for the expansion purpose.

The minutes also said that it was also decided that the university security cell through estate office and directorate of works would ensure that no new house or room is constructed in the university area.

Vice Chancellor QAU Dr Muhammad Ali while talking to The Nation said that he was confirming the involvement of the university’s own employees in the encroachment.  He said that according to some reports, certain elements were involved in the crime and the university would take administrative action against them.