Rawalpindi-An award distribution ceremony, 2nd Women Role Model Award, was held on Monday in recognition of those women who rendered tremendous services in different walks of life. The event was organised by Rawalpindi Arts Council and K Zee Arts. The Water Planning Commissioner Naseer Gillani was chief guest on the occasion.

RAC Resident Director Waqar Ahmed, former RD Naheed Manzoor, Director, famous commentator Hassan Jalil and Imtiaz Abbasi were also present on the occasion.

They also distributed awards among role model women. The women who were awarded included Naghmana Kanwal, Sultana Iqbal, Farida Shah, Kalsoom Durani, Zuhra Hameed, Shazia Sikandar, Sana Durani, Aqsa Fatima, Sheza Kyani, Salma Luqman.

Versatile Dance Group presented folk dances of Pakistan while Mohsin Pasha, Khawja Naseer and Shazia Javed were among the singers.


Khalid Zia Siddique and Lubna Shahzadi anchored the award ceremony.