London-Rachel Shenton doesn't know if her Oscar win will ever ''feel normal'' because it was such a ''surreal'' moment when she won. Rachel Shenton doesn't know if her Oscar win will ever ''feel normal''.

The former 'Hollyoaks' actress and her husband Chris Overton scooped the Live Action Short Film accolade for 'The Silent Child' - which follows a four-year-old deaf girl whose life of silence is eased when a social worker teaches her sign language - earlier this year and the moment still feels ''surreal''. She said: ''I don't know if it'll ever feel normal. ''Hearing our names was lovely, but it still feels surreal. ''I don't even remember walking from my chair to the stage.''

The couple are very ''proud'' of their win because it put a subject that's important to them in the spotlight.

Rachel told heat magazine: ''The subject was very close to our hearts. We wanted to shine a much-needed light on deaf awareness and access to deaf children - and, I think, mission accomplished.

''We put it on arguably one of the biggest stages in the world. We're proud of that.''

Rachel is currently working on a full-length movie on the same subject - but she's not thinking about further Oscars success.

She said: ''Let's just make it a good film first! It's such a long process, I think we'll just feel grateful if we first get it over the line.''

After tying the knot with Chris in October, the 30-year-old actress couldn't have asked for a better year. She said: ''It certainly has been great - 2018 will definitely be marked down as a good one.''

hough Rachel recently insisted winning an Academy Award hadn't changed her and Chris' everyday lives, they have found it's put them in a better position professionally and they are excited about the opportunities opening up for them.

She said: ''I mean Chris and I are a bit boring and normal so I don't think it has changed that much day to day really, but it has certainly changed us creatively in terms of what we want to do and the meetings we've found ourselves in and doors that have been opened.

''Both sides of the pond we've had great meetings and we are just very excited for the next projects and things.''