KARACHI   -   Sindh Energy Minister Imtiaz Ahmed Sheikh has alleged that federal government is a security risk for the country as it destroying all institutions and organisations.

He said this while addressing press conference on Monday at his office. Imtiaz said that PTI formed it’s government with the support of four MQM members while PPP has command majority in Sindh and government has no threat.

The minister said PPP can manage to withdraw the support of four MQM members if party leadership gives him task. However he said the PPP did not believe in floor crossing. He said the politics of 1990 is being repeated and this situation is threat for the democracy.

Imtiaz Shaikh said that prime minister house and Sindh Governor House were busy in conspiracy against the provincial government to dislodge. He said PTI leadership neither has maturity nor it have capacity and capability to run the affairs of the government.

He said closure of gas to Sindh created worst crisis in the province and millions of people lost their livelihood and suffered due to price hike. He said industrialists lodged protest and shut down their industries due to closure of gas while Sindh producing more than 70 percent gas. 

He said Sindh Chief Minister taken up the issue of gas in CCI but federal government deferred this matter. He demanded that the investigate report regarding the gas crisis in Sindh be made public and Sindh be given representation in Ogra.