KAMALIA/Toba Tek Singh - Two persons died and five others got injured crtically in two road accident occurred separately here the other day.

As per details, Muaz Gujjar, his brother Hamza Gujjar and two friends Basit and Arshad were arriving from Faisalabad when their car struck a trailer near Mauza 84 Pathak at Kamalia-Rajana Road. Muaz Gujjar was killed in the accident while the other sustained serious injuries and were taken to the Allied Hospital Faisalabad for extensive care. Muaz Gujjar is the nephew of Pakistan Poultry Association member and Chairman UC 66 Ch Shahid Iqbal Gujjar. Funeral prayers of Muaz were offered in their native village at 714 G/B and his body was later laid to rest in the ancestral cemetery. Thousands of people participated in funeral prayers including key political figures of Kamalia, doctors, lawyers, traders, religious figures and journalists. The three youths injured in the accident are reported to be better now.

MNA Riaz Fatyana, PMA Ashifa Riaz Fatyana, former MNA Ch Asadur Rehman, former MPA Nazia Raheel, Toba Tek Singh District Council Vice Chairman Makhdoom Syed Akhtar Abbas Kirmani, Chairman Municipal Committee Kamalia Sharif Malik, leader Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Haidar Ali Khan Kharal, former candidate Union Council 66 Ch Jamil Ahmed Gujjar, Tehsil President PTI Kamalia Dr Zafar Iqbal Jakhar, leader Muslim League (N) Sindh Ch Saleem Elahi Gujjar, leader Pakistan Poultry Association Dr Hafeez Malik, Chief Executive Jutt Poultry Traders Ch Tahir Jutt, Hafiz Azhar Jutt, social figure Haji Aslam Ansari (UK), social figure Sarwar Noor (UK), Tariq Ch (Canada) and other political and social figures have expressed grief over the sudden demise of the youth, condolences for the grieving family and have offered prayers for him.


In Toba Tek Singh, a man died and two others were injured in a head-on collision between a mini truck and a car on Sunday night. Three persons Ali, Hamza and Arshad were coming from Gojra to Toba and when they reached near Chak 286/JB, their car was hit by a mini truck coming from the opposite direction. As a result, Ali died and both others were wounded.

They were admitted to DHQ hospital.