ISLAMABAD-After Christmas and Quaid-e-Azam Day celebrations, women are visiting different markets of the capital to shop for themselves and their families taking advantage of the New Year sales offered by different brands, following the past trends.

Nearly all famous brands announce sale on every important occasion from 20 per cent up to 60 per cent to attract the women customers who eagerly wait for sales to buy winter stock on affordable prices.

“Purchasing branded clothes after reduction in the prices has become a trend among the women, especially working ones. Wearing branded dresses, even if these were not of good fabric or colours, has become a status symbol and our colleagues make fun of those who wear local fabric which sometime gives a weird feeling”, Naheed Qamar, a working woman said.

She said, “I only buy branded clothes during sales on important occasions as it the same are difficult to shop when rates are higher. Some brands offered good sales on the occasion of Christmas and Quaid-e-Azam Day, and the New Year celebrations, so December is the best month for shopping”, she said.

On the other hand, such occasions also give an opportunity to the brands’ owners to earn good business through selling more items.

Another working woman, Leena Ameen, said, “There was a time when these branded dresses were out of reach of the average customers. Thanks to inventors of replicas, the brands owners decreased the prices significantly and now everyone can afford to buy these”.

“Wearing nice dresses is the weakness of women and I hope this New Year will bring good sales of all brands enabling the customers to have stock of good dresses for the next winter season”, she added.

The sales on important occasions are not just limited to dresses and shoes brands but famous eateries in capital have also started offering discounted deals for the food lovers.

Nawaz, a salesman at a famous brand’s shop said, “December is the month when majority of the customers visit our shop and buy maximum dresses due to consistent sale on three celebrations”.

“It is a perfect time to get maximum profit by selling a large number of dresses with offering even minimum discount”, he observed.