LAHORE - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has restrained the party men from arranging any welcome reception on his arrival to Pakistan from London where he had open heart surgery.

The prime minister, in a message from London, has asked the party workers and the leadership in the country to abandon all activities going on in connection with his hi-fi reception on homecoming.

At the party level arrangements were being made to accord a very warm welcome to the prime minister on his return from London where he went on May 22 and was operated upon on May 31. The party had planned to take the prime minister to his Raiwind residence in a big rally to exhibit workers’ love for the premier and to end the demoralization by the opposition parties which are bracing to hold protest after Eid to pressurize the PM on Panama leaks issue. The opposition parties have moved the Election Commission for his disqualification and also his other four relatives.

The prime minister has now restrained the party from arranging any big show on his return, therefore, he will return to the country in a routine way.

A private TV channel has reported that the prime minister and his family have planned to land in Lahore a day before Eid. The prime minister after landing in the city will proceed to his Raiwind residence where he would have overnight stay and after spending the Eid day, he would fly to Islamabad the same evening, it added.

The channel further claimed that the PM’s decision of not accepting any warm welcome from the party on his homecoming has also emanated from the hot weather conditions in the city that can cause hours’ long problems to the party men and the citizens.

In his message to the party workers and people, the prime minister said: “I have learnt about the elaborated arrangements being made by you to receive me on returning home. I can well realize the sincerity and love you harbor in your hearts for me. With your prayers and well wishes I underwent a successful heart surgery and it is a great honour to me. With the grace of Allah Almighty and your prayers and well wishes the crucial time of the operation is over without any problem and now I am on the way to fast recovery. Your love is a big asset to me and my party and a tremendous encouragement to me to serve the country and the nation.”

Prime Minister Sharif said he would be among his countrymen as soon as his doctors permitted him to travel. He said he along with the people of Pakistan will Insha Allah, go shoulder to shoulder to complete the process of development, progress, construction and peace in the country.

The PM appealed to the party men and the people to abandon all programmes, functions and arrangements going on in connection with his reception on return to the country.

Sharif said to the workers, “The holy month of Ramazan is nearing an end and Eid is few days away as such you make preparation to celebrate the occasion in accordance with the Islamic traditions and in character with this great religious event.” The prime minister expressing deep sense of grief over the recent past incidents of terrorism, (mainly in Karachi and Quetta) asked the party workers and the people to not forget these martyrs and their families in their prayers on the Eid day. He thanked all who prayed for his health and expressed their love for him.


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will return to Pakistan shortly after Eid, his daughter said yesterday. “Shortly after Eid, Insha’Allah,” Maryam Nawaz tweeted when someone asked when her father will return to Pakistan.