LAHORE - The speakers at a seminar said on Saturday that Pakistani policies damaged the Kashmir cause and a lack of lobbying resulted in a stronger anti-Pakistan narrative in the world.

The Hameed Nizami Press Institute of Pakistan held the seminar titled ‘Effects of Governor Raj on Freedom Movement in Indian-held Kashmir’ at HNPIP Auditorium.

Senate Committee on Defense Production Chairman Abdul Qayyum, defence analyst Brig (r) Ghazanfar Ali, senior analyst, Dr Ejaz Butt and Fazal Hussain Awan were the guest speakers. Institute director Absar Abdul Ali was the moderator.

Qayyum said that the UN is part of the problem of Kashmir; it should be part of the solution.

“India convinced the international community that Pakistan through Lashkar e Tayiba and Jaish e Muhammad supported the Kashmiris movement and it was the failure of our foreign office,” he said 

“The Kashmiri movement was indigenous in real terms. Pakistan only extended moral, political and support to the Kashmiri people fighting for their rights.

“The UN should take responsibility to conduct plebiscite in the held Valley. He said the US wants its control on some territories in the world like Afghanistan, North Korea, middle east etc.

Quoting Quaid-e-Azam he said Jinnah wanted a clear foreign policy adding strong Pakistani economy would guarantee liberation of Kashmir.

Dr Ejaz Butt said that India imposed governor rule for the 8th time in the held Kashmir. He said that the central government would further suppress people and Mehbooba Mufti resigned in suppression. Moodi wants to settle Hindus in the territory. He said that the community wanted to suppress Pakistan by putting its name in grey list. He said that the corruption in the country and extra merit appointments in Kashmiri committee and ambassies weakened the great cause. To strengthen the country politically, you will have to face the IMF, WB, and Paris Consortium. Those who threw Pakistan to loans are responsible for poor future of our children. Extremist Moodi won on foreign level while the Pakistani premier accommodated business partners in the foreign office even in the US, the superpower.

Brig Ghazanfar Ali said that Mehbooba Mufti assembly passed a resolution to annex held Kashmir with India that was not only violence of Indian law but also the UN resolutions. Self determination should be fate of the Kashmimir people but India manipulated it.

Israel trained Indian army occupying the held Kashmir while Amnesty international, Wiki leaks, Human Rights Watch and many others pointed out Indian brutality.

He said that Asad Durrani was wrong. He said that the Pakistan governments since Musharruf interference and onwards damaged Kashmir cause. He said that Pakistan should lobby in the UN and US to highlight the Indian violence. Former PM Nawaz Sharif, he said, damaged Kashmir cause because he appointed controversial people as head of the Kashmir committee. 

Fazal Hussain Awan said that the governor raj should be condemned. He said that Burhan Wani and others made sacrifices in Indian held Kashmir that gave spirit to the movement. Javed