KASUR-Locals staged a protest demonstration against choked sewerage system in suburban village Mahalam Kalan on Saturday.

They flayed the former PML-N lawmakers for their indifference to the problem. Talking to media, they claimed that they had submitted repeated complaints to former PML-N Parliamentarians seeking cleaning of the clogged sewage pipes. “But they always lent a deaf ear to our complaints,” they said, and added “Due to poor sewer system, rain water seeps into our houses.

People can’t move easily in streets and have restricted to their houses.

A few incidents of wall collapse have also been reported in the area due to accumulation of rain water.” “Had the so-called public representa

tives ensured cleaning of the sewerage system, we would not have faced these problems,” they lamented.

On the occasion, they set ablaze the banners of former MNA Mian Waseem Akhtar Sheikh and also shouted slogans against ex-MPA Malik Saeed Ahmed. They blamed them for embezzling billions of rupees of public money.

They demanded Deputy Commissioner and District Council chairman order the officials concerned to clean accumulated sewage from streets and ensure early cleaning of clogged sewage pipes.