LAHORE - Former Punjab chief minister and President PML-N Shehbaz Sharif has blamed the NAB for targeting his party sparing others who looted the national kitty.

Corruption of Rs30 billion was committed in Nandipur Power Project allegedly by Babar Awan of the PTI, but the Nation Accountability Bureau is silent over it, the former chief minister said in an interview.

He said he wanted the accountability process to be fair and across the board.

Shehbaz claimed that that his government had saved Rs70 bilion of the exchequer in Saaf Paani Project. He also counted the achievements of the PML-N government towards ending loadshedding and terrorism.

To a question about forming a national government, he said he did not want a hung parliament but no one should resort to protest and long march after the election as such he would like to have national consensus and collective wisdom on all issues relating to the country. He said country was facing so many problems at present and no one could single-handedly deal with them and a common narrative was a must particularly on the issues relating to India and Afghanistan to rise to the occasion. He also supported talks between the civil and the military institutions adopting the trend of forgetfulness and forgiveness in the interest of taking the country forward.

He termed the next elections challenging and vowed to address water, cleanliness and other problems of Karachi if elected to power for the next time. He also charged the PTI chairman for failure to deliver in KP where his party ruled for five years. He also mentioned about the defamation cases he instituted when Khan levelled baseless allegations on him and said the PTI chairman never turned up before the court of law. To a question on the current estranged ties with Ch Nisar Ali Ali Khan, he said bitterness in the political parties is a common matter and he was trying to overcome such tensions in his party.

He also shared that before proceedings to London he had convinced the party Quaid Nawaz Sharif on the award of party ticket to Ch Nisar who, however, did not apply for the same.