LAHORE - Unlike the May 2013 elections, the PML-N has brought in many changes of candidates and their constituencies for the July 25, 2018 polls.

The party has retained majority of the old candidates on the National Assembly seats while it has put in many new faces on the Provincial Assembly constituencies. In the last general elections, Lahore had 13 National Assembly seats which this time have been increased to 14 while previously Punjab Assembly seats for the city were 25 which for the next election have been increased to 30. 

The most eminent change from the last election is entry of Maryam Nawaz Sharif in the parliamentary politics from Lahore while ouster of her father Muhammad Nawaz Sharif from the field after he was disqualified as member of the Parliament through the Supreme Court. Maryam has been accommodated in place of her father albeit from NA-127 while Nawaz Sharif was twice and his spouse Begum Kalsoom had once elected from NA-120 which this time has been renamed NA-125. PML-N president Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, who last time won the polls in NA-129 this time is in the field from NA-132, a mix of old and new constituency. Hamza Shehbaz is contesting from the same constituency, NA-124, which is the rename of the old constituency NA-119. Another senior leader of the Party, Pervez Malik, who had previously twice returned to the parliament from the present NA-127, has been shifted to NA-133 which previously was the constituency of Waheed Alam Khan who has been put in NA-125 this time.

In the last election, Afzal Khokhar was given the NA ticket for NA-128 (old) and his brother Saiful Malook for Punjab Assembly seat. But this time they both have been accommodated on National Assembly seats in NA-135 and NA-136 respectively, while a Khokhar sibling, Faisal Khokhar, on PA seat as new entry in the politics and addition to the Khokhars. In the last election Shazia Mubashir had contested and won the by-election on the seat, NA-129, vacated by Shehbaz Sharif as her spouse was hit by the condition of educational qualification. This time her spouse Mubashir Iqbal has been awarded the ticket in NA-134.

Sohail Shaukat who returned to the Parliament from NA-130 last time, has been dropped in this election while old candidates Malik Muhammad Riaz has been retained in NA-123, Maher Ishtiaq Ahmed in NA-126, Sheikh Rohail Asghar NA-128, Sardar Ayaz Sadiq NA-129, Khawaja Ahmed Hassan NA-130, Khawaja Saad Rafique NA-131.

On 30 Lahore seats of the Punjab Assembly, the PML-N has left out six old Parliamentarians of the Party namely Majid Zahoor, Waheed Gull, Mohsin Latif, Zaeem Qadri, Tajammal Hussain and Ch Gulzar.

Samiullah Khan PP-144, Ch. Baqir Hussain PP-151, Malik Ghulam Habib PP-155, Ahsan Sharafat PP-158, Hafiz Mian Nouman PP-159, Tauseef Shah PP-160, Faisal Khokhar PP-161, Mian Saleem PP-167, Akhtar Husain Badshah PP-169,  Mian Imran PP-170, Col (R) Rana Tariq PP-171, Mirza Javaid PP-172 and Maryam Nawaz Sharif are the new entry of the PML-N for the city seats. Party President Shehbaz Sharif is contesting for two Punjab seats, PP-165 and PP-166, his son Hamza Shehbaz Sharif for PP-146 and his niece Maryam Nawaz Sharif for PP-173 seats of the Punjab Assembly. Former Minister for Railways Khwaja Saad Rafiq is also in for PP-168.

Ghazali Saleem Butt PP-145, Mian Mujtaba PP-147, Ch. Shehbaz PP-148, Mian Marghoob PP-149, Bilal Yaseen PP-150, Rana Mashhood PP-152, Kh. Imran Nazir PP-153, Bao Akhtar PP-154, Malik Waheed-156, Kh. Salman Rafique PP-157, Yasin Sohal PP-162, Mian Naseer PP-163 and Ramzan Bhatti PP-166 are repeating the elections.

Hence four PML-N candidates are running for both NA and PA seats 12 are new entrants for PA seats and 13 are repeating the election.