PP-160 candidate challenges tribunal’s decision

LAHORE - Tariq Mahboob, a candidate from PP-160, has challenged decision of an appellate tribunal against rejection of his nomination papers.  According to the ECP map, PP-160 include Ishra area along with Ferozepur road. An appellate tribunal had rejected the nomination papers of Tariq .  However, the candidate through a writ petition challenged the tribunal’s decision before the Lahore High Court, saying that the tribunal’s decision was against the law. He asked the court to set aside the decision of the appellate tribunal and allow him to contest election.

Shehbaz national govt idea a defeat: Shujaat

LAHORE - PML-Q President Ch Shujaat Hussain has said that Shehbaz Sharif forwarded the idea of national government foreseeing PML-N defeat in the elections.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the former prime minister said it was he who proposed the formation of national government three years back but then nobody bothered about it. Punjab former CM, added Ch Shujaat, presented the national government idea not for country’s sake but for his personal interest.

In a reaction on PML-N president TV interview, Ch Shujaat said that Shehbaz tried to mislead the public by presenting wrong figures about his government performance in the interview. He said Ch Parvez Elahi had left Rs 100 billion in exchequer on relinquishing chief minister-ship whereas Shehbaz Sharif had indebted the province with Rs 1500 billion. The PML-N, he said, after destroying national economy and rendering Punjab bankrupt was now supporting his demand for national government.

Hamza sees PML-N victory

LAHORE - PML-N leader Hamza Shehbaz Sharif has said that the PML-N President Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif hoped the PML-N will win the next election “It is going to be contest between the vote and ‘note’ and his party will get the vote,” he said while addressing a women convention at Model Town Saturday. Hamza stressed said that it is need for joint efforts for national development. He praised former PM Nawaz Sharif for his political vision.