Islamabad - Managing Director of a foreign company Tassadaq Malik on Saturday unveiled his plan to launch a seeds ball campaign on Margalla hills in anticipation of monsoon to meet with the deteriorating situation of climate change across the world.

Tassadaq is going to start the campaign titled “throw and grow” from tomorrow in collaboration with Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB), inviting the people from civil societies, media and other walks of life at most three visited trails including trails three, five and six.

“The campaign is aiming at the implementation of the seeds ball scheme in the country considered to be instrumental for rapid plantation,” he added. The MD informed that he held the consultation with IWMB and requested to pursue the seeds ball strategy being followed in many countries adding that the plan was recognized around the world as an economical and effective method of plantation.

“The success rate of this method is over 50 percent comparing traditional plantation of 10 percent,” Tassadaq claimed.

Keeping in mind the lowest position of Pakistan in the region regarding land versus green area, he said, they came up with this concept of planting a tree without any hassle as compared to the conventional practice that needs a lot of effort.   

He said the activity was being organized to make clay balls filled up with various kinds of plants’ seeds by engaging the locals of National Margalla hills park area. Thousands of balls will be prepared after collecting the seeds from Margalla hills and will be distributed among the visitors by IWMB’s staff educating the former to throw it in open and feasible areas.

“Each ball has the capacity to safeguard the seeds for one year from unsuitable weather and it will wait for the right condition to grow and it can be sold out at the cost of two rupees,” he added. He said the seeds of Lebbek, Kachnar, Pine, Shun Flower, Amaltas, Kikar trees were selected for the seeds ball and the buyer would be informed about the feasible area for those seeds.

However, he urged the citizens to visit the trails on this Sunday to support the cause of making Pakistan green. Meanwhile, lauding the brainchild of the MD, IWMB Education Officer Sakhawat Ali vowed to continue this campaign and urged others to assist the department for such a meaningful purpose and to save the country from the menace of global warming.

The department spoke to the locals of the National Park area and asked them to sew small bags for the collection of seeds from the mountains soon after the idea was approved by IWMB’s top management, Sakhawat added. He said the staff would actively participate in this campaign and will educate the students of Islamabad regarding this project very soon. It is pertinent to mention that “Let’s plant a tree” a public-backed campaign has been gaining momentum and is motivating the masses to play their role for this national cause. Such acts are showing that public has start taking interest in growing plants to save the future of their children.