Earlier this week Terry Crews testified in front of the US Senators about his sexual assault experience and was lauded by his fellow actors for standing up and bringing to light his Me Too story.

His Brooklyn Nine-Nina star Andy Samberg said he and others who appear on the show are in awe of their fellow cast member Crews after the ex-football player’s testimony

Support for the actor hasn’t been universal though, rapper 50 Cent mocked Crews’ testimony and was excoriated on social media.

Crews testified Tuesday in Washington before the Senate Judiciary Committee about being groped at a party by a powerful Hollywood agent he is now suing. Sen. Dianne Feinstein asked the actor, comedian and former athlete why he didn’t physically fight back. Crews explained that with the help of his wife, Rebecca, he has learned the benefits of non-violence in America, especially as a black man.

“We have a cast text chain and we were all texting him how incredible it was,” Samberg said Thursday of Crews’ testimony at a media appearance promoting his new film, Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation.

“He’s a miracle. Terry’s the best guy,” Samberg said. “I am proud to know him.”

Los Angeles prosecutors declined to file charges against the agent, stating the groping didn’t meet the criteria for a felony and that the February 2016 incident fell outside the statute of limitations to prosecute it as a misdemeanor.

In a now-deleted post on Instgram, 50 Cent mocked Crews’ testimony. “LOL ... Terry: I froze in fear. They would have had to take me to jail. ...”

At a Starz network event Thursday night to support Power, a series 50 Cent appears on and executive produces, the rapper told The Associated Press: “You know what? When you put LOL behind any statement, it means you’re laughing out loud. That means it’s a joke. That’s it. Sometimes journalists leave those things out.”

The rapper then walked away.