LAHORE - A former banker, who is a law graduate, is facing a dilemma on what contention he should go by when a local sessions court takes up today the bail application of a woman who had allegedly stolen prize bonds worth Rs1.65 million from his Model Town residence, of which bonds valuing Rs1.4 million have been recovered as a result of strong connections he used during the past six weeks.

Some police/CIA officials, who are supporting the accused, want him to tell the court that he has no objection if the accused, involved in over a dozen similar cases in police records, is granted bail. Mr ABC, a senior citizen, has been assured that after such a statement he would also be given the remaining amount. But the complainant is consulting his lawyer whether he should make such a statement which is against his conscience but carries a financial incentive. In case he doesn’t make such a statement he will lose the rest of the amount and also will have to go through a lengthy legal procedure till the case is finally decided. During the six weeks he had to come in contact with the investigators, he concluded that those who are supposed to support the complainants stand by the accused for personal considerations.